So you’re having a baby – congratulations! You’ve kept it as a secret/surprise until you’re absolutely sure, and now it’s finally time to tell everyone you love so they can support you and be happy with you. How do you do it? Some parents just blurt it out in conversation. Others have an event. Still others post it on social media. If you’re looking for a creative way to share your good news, here is a collection of 9 creative ways to announce your pregnancy!

#1 Fortune cookies Say it in a note – inside a fortune cookie which you hand out to your guests. Some of them might not even notice at first, which only makes it funnier!

#2 Take a pic Your family’s pic, that is, while they’re just finding out. Capture the shock on their faces for the baby to see when they’re all grown up.

#3 Announce it in the paper Well not in the actual newspaper – just print out at home a special ad announcing the new baby to come and insert it in the fresh paper before the family sees it.

#4 Involve the older kids If the new baby already has older siblings, you can take an official announcement photo together – the little ones plus an ultrasound photo.

#5 Teeny tiny shoes And if this is your first, you can take a photo of three pairs of shoes: mommy, daddy, and tiny children’s shoes.


#6 Play the game You can bring up your news cleverly during a family game such as scrabble. How many points for “baby”? Probably less than for “pregnant”!

#7 The silent one If not scrabble, how about charades? Find a way to ‘act’ the part and let everyone else guess your big surprise.

#8 What’s for dinner? Have a special meal and invite the family over, only to find out they have place cards on the table, but instead of names they read ‘grandma’, ‘grandpa’, ‘aunt’ and ‘uncle’!

#9 Gender reveal cupcakes If you’re having a gender reveal party, one fun way is to hide the answer as colorful filling for the cupcakes. Eat them and find out what’s inside!

And how did you announce YOUR pregnancy?
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