Happy summer, TuTiTu-loving parents! Are you feeling the vacation already or is there still some work left to do? Either way you must be very excited to spend some quality time with the children… But if you’re anything like us here at TuTiTu HQ, you might also be a bit worried that you won’t find enough what to do and how to entertain the family.

Well no worries – we’re here to help! Here are four great ideas for outdoor activities you can do in your backyard or in the park and will help pass the time in a breeze… Enjoy!

#1 Sponge bullseye

Do you have a driveway far enough from the road where it’s safe to play? Then all you need is some chalk and several large pieces of sponge to play this next game! Draw circles on the floor, the smallest on worth the most points and the ones surrounding it gradually larger (and worth less point of course.) Bring on the sponges and put them in a bucket of water. In turn, each member of the family grabs a web sponge and throws it as best as they can to try and reach the smallest circle and earn points. The person with the most points when the sponges are over wins the game!

#2 Outdoor dance party

Grab speakers, get some drinks and snacks, and most crucially – decorate! Balloons, handmade signs and bunting will make the park look amazing and inviting just in time for you big soiree. You can invite friends or make it just for the kids and you. Put on some songs for kids and get jiggy! It’s a fun way to get some exercise done without trying too hard and everyone is sure to have a swell time.

#3 Backyard camping

And now here’s one for night time! Get parked outside for an exciting adventure in nature. Put up tents, get your flashlights out of the toolbox and serve s’mores you made in the kitchen (probably best to avoid an actual fire in small spaces.) You can plan a whole lot of fun activities to do in your special night under the stars, from scary story telling to face painting.
All in the name of fun!

#4 Obstacle course

It’s summer boot camp time! Set up an obstacle course in your backyard or in the park and have the kids training (and enjoying themselves) in no time. You can combine running, jumping above and into hoops, crawling under strings you tie in advance and more. You can move the scene over to the playground if you’d like – that way you can make full use of everything it has to offer.


To make it into a group effort and to help teach cooperation, you can split into teams and do it in a relay race style. Whichever team gets to the end and back first gets to pick ice cream flavor for everyone!

Hope you like these ideas and enjoy them with your family!

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