Summer has its obvious advantages for parents: you can finally spend time outside in the open air where the kids can run around, you don’t need to carry around dozens of layers just in case, and there’s a considerably lower chance of getting sick.

But for everything that’s great about summertime, it’s important to remember it can be risky too and you need to keep an extra eye out for safety. If you abide by some basic rules of thumb you can guarantee a fun-filled and very happy summer vacation for everyone: the children and the parents, too.

Here are four key tips on summer safety that will make sure everyone’s making the best of the sunny season!

Tip #1: Drink up

Probably the most important thing to do when it’s so hot out is to drink, drink, drink! And make it water, please. If you don’t drink enough you have a chance of dehydrating and that can end pretty badly (and even when it doesn’t, it’s just a downer and creates a chore instead of everyone having a good time.)

Here are some ways to recognize dehydration: dry mouth; fatigue and dizziness; lack of urine (for 6-8 in infants, for 12 hours in older kids). Remember: thirst is not a sign, because it might be already too late. Make sure the kids are constantly drinking!

Tip #2: Stay in the shade

And when not possible, use plenty of sunscreen and apply it often. Use special children’s sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher), and make sure it’s water-resistant if you’re planning to go swimming. Combine it with a better-safe-than-sorry attitude; just because it’s water-resistant doesn’t mean you don’t have to reapply over and over again.

Besides sunscreen, you can also protect your loved ones’ skin with proper clothing that covers as much as possible, especially sensitive areas like shoulders and the back of the knee. Choose lightweight clothing that breathes and yet covers a lot.

Tip #3: Prevent injuries

When it’s warm out, kids want to go outside and play a lot. This is great for them, of course – sports is not only fun but also very important for development. Playing sports helps them build muscles, practice coordination, and keep healthy. However, you need to make sure they’re doing it right in order to prevent them getting hurt.

One thing you can do is get protective equipment such as helmets, kneepads and so on. Same goes for getting proper shoes and clothes that will allow them the freedom they need for running around. And finally, when possible, be present and keep an eye out for their safety.


Tip #4: Protect against bites

One of the most annoying things out there are mosquitos and tick bites. The thing to remember is that annoying is best case scenario! Bites can be dangerous sometimes, as some diseases are actually transmitted via bites, such as Lyme disease and West Nile virus. No need to get panicky or anything – just take some safety measures to protect you and your family.

Use a good repellent when spending time outdoors: there are plenty of options out there that all you have to do is rub some on the skin for quality protection for hours. You should also be aware and watch out for signs of bites (swelling, itchiness). If you see them, search thoroughly for ticks and remove them with tweezers and then flush them down the toilet.

We wish you a safe and fruitful summer, TuTiTu fans!

We recommend following these guidelines and sharing the article with other parents so they can keep safe too!