We all want to raise musical kids and it’s no wonder: Music is such an important part of most people’s lives – we love listening to it as well as playing it. It touches us on many levels, and many people can attest to the important of different songs throughout their private histories. Some songs remind us of home, or people we’ve met, or places we’ve been to.

As a parent you might be interested in instilling the love of music to your child, and giving him or her the chance to be exposed to it and fall in love with it just like you did when you were younger. This is not only fun but actually very beneficial to your child’s development (we’ve got a post about that, too). Well here are a few great ways to raise music lovers.

1. Make music a part of everyday life. Sometimes it’s a good idea to focus on music as an activity, but it can be in the background too, for the rest of the time – put music on when you’re cooking, cleaning, playing games together. It’s not necessarily about making it the center of attention as it is about showing your child that music is a basic component of life.


2. Expose them to various genres and styles. When you ask your child what they want to hear, they’ll probably cite their favorite songs for kids, sure. But while it’s in the background, make sure to be as varied as you can. A toddler that grows up in a house full of jazz, rock, country, classical and whatever else you fancy will gain early access to them and an open mind about music.

3. Sing along together. On occasions, do make music the center piece – put on your child’s favorite tunes, sing together, dance together, and just let them express themselves to the music and experience it actively. (Try TuTiTu’s videos for kids ) To work on memory you can make music into a game – play ‘finish the tune’, sing physical game-songs together and more.

4. Experience live music. From a certain age onwards, once your child begins developing a bit of patience, take them to kiddy concerts and shows. This will let them see how music is actually made, and can also help them engage with it better, especially in interactive concerts.

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