Are your children currently learning to tell time? If not, they will be at that stage soon enough! Learning to tell time is an important step in child development and it’s a life skill that changes everything. It’s not only about numbers and reading the clock but about getting a stronger grip on how time works, as well as expending their independence.

There are plenty of fun ways to practice telling time (and practice is of course key.) Here are four great activities that you can do to teach kids to tell time.

#1 Planning the day

Make it a ritual to end the day with preparing for tomorrow’s schedule. On a piece of paper, write down together the next day’s activities and their timing. This helps the child learn time lapses. For instance, tell them that after lunch they get 30 minutes to watch television. If they begin watching at 1 pm, when will their TV time end?

Write everything down and hang it on the fridge to be followed the next day. Try and give your children responsibility where possible – let it be on them to check the clock and know when TV time comes along.

#2 Watch videos

Another great way to practice the hours (and numbers too, while you’re at it!) is to watch numbers videos for kids. TuTiTu even has a special song video about the clock that you can enjoy together. Sing along the numbers!

#3 Use worksheets

There are plenty of great worksheets you can use for practice, too. Sit down with your child and help them through the different activities. Some sheets show a clock and you have to write down what time it signifies; others write down a time for you to draw on the clock; and so on.

Math Aids has a very nice selection of sheets for you to print out and use. To make it extra fun, use colorful crayons or markers, add drawings, and color in time lapses (blue for half an hour, green for a quarter…)

#4 Play online games

And finally, we’re living in an internet age – why not take advantage? Play online games designed especially for kids learning to tell time. There are plenty of versions out there but all of them have the same idea in mind more or less – to help make this a fun and exciting experience.

Try for instance ABCYa! and their game. It’s really cute, it has different levels you can progress through together and enjoy.


How do you teach your kids to tell time?

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