Happy September, TuTiTu parents – how is everyone enjoying the going back to school? Whether you have children going back to class, children just starting the first grade or even pre-schoolers with a while more to go before they hit the books, ABC learning is an important thing to get to!

There are a million ways to teach kids the ABC, from games through music and to crafts. Today we’re picked up our top five favorite fun ways to learn the ABC and we hope you’ll use them too!

#1 Watch fun educational videos for kids

Music is a gateway for learning pretty much anything – and that applies here too! With a good ABC song, like TuTiTu’s for instance, you can help your child practice saying the names of the letters out loud, learn their order, get to know what each represents and more.

#2 Play the stick-it notes game

Family games are also a terrific way to learn. For this game, all you need are sticky notes of some sort and markers or pens. Create a note for each letter – you can even create them with the kids and let them decorate the notes – and then take turns sticking each note on an object around the house that starts with that letter.
Pretty soon your home will be full of teeny notes that indicate that your child is starting to grasp the whole alphabet idea! How fun!

#3 Go on an alphabet hunt

This one can be a single game or it can be a day-long (week-long, month-long…) thing. The purpose is for each person in the family to find as many things around – in the street, on a trip, even at home – that begin with one of the letters comprising his or her name.

So if your kid’s name is Emily, for instance, she can point out someone’s ear; the mailbox; an ice cream cone; a ladder; and her delicious yoghurt. Everyone gets one point for each time they name something and you can come up with a fun prize for the first to reach, say, 20 points.

#4 Enjoy coloring pages

Crafts is a way to learn letters through your fingers, quite literally. Coloring pages, for instance, can be a way to practice both the alphabet as well as fine motor skills, and along the way have a fun relaxing time together. Be creative with your color choice and go for interesting shades and patterns to make it more interesting.

If you’re looking for quality free coloring pages, Mr Printables has some great ones and so do Fisher-Price.


#5 Use online games

Everyone loves online games – why not use them to help teach the ABC? They’re cute, they pass the time and they’re even educational. One game we recommend is’s Alphabet Beach Photoshoot, where you’re told which letter you’re looking for and you need to ‘snap a picture’ of it using the cute camera.

Another cool game is PBS Kids’ Alphabet Falls where you have to catch the correct letter as it falls down the waterfall and then place it in its right place. It’s fun and exciting, and a really good way to learn while having fun.

How do you teach your kids the ABC?

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