The winter holidays bring with them a stay-at-home weather. It’s so much fun to keep cozy at home with the family and enjoy some quality time together! If you’re a winter person you don’t need us to convince you. But for all you summer people who can’t wait for spring and outdoor play, here’s a reminder of some of the great things you can do at home in your slippers while listening to the rain pour outside.

#1 Have a feast

Winter has so many good dishes! You can make a whole activity out of planning a special banquet with the kids. Teach them to read recipes and prepare a shopping list; go grab the items together; and then of course there’s the cooking. It’s a great opportunity to get them involved in the kitchen, or at least in setting the table and creating decorations…

#2 Build a castle

Games are a great way to pass time at home. Board games, computer games, video games – whichever you prefer, just go for it! Our personal favorite here at TuTiTu are building games. Use your imagination – and some boxes and giant playing bricks – and turn your living room or nursery into a magical castle.

#3 Watch a film

Movie night is one of the best traditions ever, no doubt. You can make some popcorn and even print and decorate your own tickets if you’re in the mood to make it extra special. Let the little ones pick what to watch – a children’s movie? Some cartoons? Maybe even one of TuTiTu’s videos for kids!

#4 Create an obstacle course

Watching a film or having dinner is all well and good for quiet time, but what about when you need to spend some energy? Well, if you plan ahead, you can do that indoors too! Clear a big room and move the furniture aside, and then create and obstacle course on the floor: pillows you have to jump over, scattered shoes you have to tip toe around, a broom (balanced on two chairs) you have to crawl under and more.

#5 Plan a treasure hunt adventure

Another energy-spending option is the treasure hunt. This one you, the parent, have to plan ahead. You need a couple of small prizes, some pieces of paper, and of course, you have to come up with clues that will lead your child step by step towards the exciting goal. Clues can be straightforward, telling them where to go next, but they can involve mini-activities too – for instance, solving a simple math problem to decode the next location on the list.


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