Do your little ones get along well? While some children seem to connect to their brothers and sisters immediately, in other families building a close and comfortable connection takes a bit more work. Either way, bonding activities are always a good idea – even if your family doesn’t necessarily need it, you can still enjoy having a good time together! Here are a few fun ideas to try:

#1 – Go on a family outing

You don’t have to take a week off and plan a whole elaborate vacation in order to spend some quality time together. Even just an afternoon out together can be great for bonding. The key here is to do something different – not just another day at home watching TV and each minding their own business.

Maybe you can go to the zoo together and get some new experience? Or how about a day at the beach, building sand castles as a team? If your kids are old enough for some walking, you could go do a hike together and prepare a picnic basket in advance. Nothing like a meal in nature to bring a family together!

#2 – Build together

Any game that requires cooperation is good for relationship strengthening, and one of the best is definitely the challenge of building something together, say with Lego or any other block-based game.


Working together and not interrupting each other does not always come easy – depending, among other things, on the age of the child – but like always, practice makes perfect. The little ones will enjoy the play as well as the time spent together working in unison.

#3 – Have a dance party

This one you can do with the whole family or have a small party just for the siblings – put on some fun music and rock on! If you want to read more about the benefits of dance for children you can read our special blogpost about it.

For extra bonding, try to invent a dance together! Each member of the family can add their own move and together it will make a lovely routine.

#4 – Craft together

Have your children prepare something crafty together, like a decoration for the home, or even a book about themselves. They can draw each other, write down their names, illustrate things they love to do together and more.

Another idea is they can make a crafty gift together – is grandma or grandpa’s birthday coming up? Why not make them a nice card or gift from all the kids?

#5 – Sing along

If you’re tired of dancing, another fun thing to do is to karaoke together! You can take turns singing different lines or just sing along like a choir. Check out TuTiTu’s songs for kids – they can be perfect for it! They also have closed captions for the parents or older kids that already know how to read.

#6 – Have sporty competition

Having the children compete with each other may not be the best way to bring them together, but you know what is? Having them compete together against the parents! You can come up with some fun sporty games – hide and seek, tag and so on – and split to teams.

If you really want to go all out, you can create prizes for the winners (who are the kids, obviously) so they can have a nice souvenir from the day you spent together – a trophy to put up in their shared room, for instance.

Which activities do your kids love to do together?

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