In these economically difficult times, many families are struggling financially with raising the family. Of course you want your kids to have the best of the best – but you’re also trying to cut spending and even save a bit of money for a rainy day. So how do give your family a fun day with hardly any money spent?

There are plenty of great things to do at home and around the city that come at a minimal cost. Plan ahead well and you can have endless days of enjoyment without going broke over it. To give you some inspiration, here are seven fun frugal activities you can try with your own family!

#1 Go to the library

Libraries are a great source of entertainment! They’re usually free to enter, and many times have special activities for children, such as book readings, games, interactive plays and more. And even if your library has no such options, you can still have a wonderful time together. Read a book aloud, hunt the shelves for your favorites and more.

For younger kids, it’s also a good way to gain exposure to the alphabet – prepare in advance with TuTiTu’s ABC videos for kids!

#2 Volunteer

Not all types of volunteer work fit children, but the ones that do can do wonders to your children’s sense of community and responsibility. Perhaps the best option of all is an animal shelter: help feed, groom and take care of lonely animals and give them the attention they deserve – it’s good for the kids and for the animals.

#3 Have an outdoor picnic

Grab some basic ingredients from the supermarket – bread, cheese, vegetables – and make sandwiches together out in the open air. You don’t even have to travel far; a neighborhood park can be a lovely setting for a lunch out. Give the little ones a chance to run around and spend energy instead of being stuck home all day.

#4 Go to a museum

Many museums offer free entrance or at least a family discount if you show up with your children. Enjoy art together and learn about the great artists of history, or go to a science or natural world museum to expand you horizons about the world around you.

#5 Bake something at home

Another foodie option is to have an afternoon baking session. Again the ingredients are not too expensive, and cooking or baking is a very educational activity to do with your kids. It entails fine motor skills, memory, learning to read a recipe and follow orders, and even responsibility (don’t forget to check on the oven in time!) Plus that smell of freshly baked cookies…


#6 Go on a scavenger hunt

When you get used to your neighborhood, taking a stroll might not sound so fun – you walk these same streets every day, what could you possibly have to look at by now? But that’s exactly what scavenger hunts are for. Help your kids learn to see details and rediscover their neighborhood by composing a list of things for them to find (a telephone booth, a specific bench with an inscription etc.)

#7 Have a game night

One last option for indoor fun that’s free are board games. If you don’t have different ones at home you can often borrow from the library. Engage your mind and complex thinking skills and count the score – at the end of the evening, the one with the most points gets to pick what you’ll have for dinner!

How do you entertain your family on a budget?

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