Remember when you were young and used to go to the carnival with the family? Many of us remember this as one of the highlights of our summer. You got to play fun games, go on rides, win prizes and eat yummy snacks.

But what really made the carnival special was not the specific activities you would do (after all, what part of your summer didn’t involve snacks and games?) but the special atmosphere that you can only find there. The colors, the decorations… those made it such a great experience.

When you think about it that way, why not remake the fun you had as a child with your own children – all in the comfort of your backyard or a nearby park? With the right planning you can have a great time with your family (invite some of the kids’ friends too!) Here’s what you need to prepare.


There’s a whole category for food you fondly remember from childhood events, and that’s exactly where you should aim. We’re talking hot dogs, popcorn, fries, cotton candy and of course, ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream. Don’t forget to add fresh fruit into the mix to make sure there’s a healthier option too.



This might just be the most crucial part. Buy colorful ribbons, balloons and signs to put everywhere around. The more colors the better! You can try and find classics like striped table cloths, or even make some of it yourself with cardboard, markers and stickers.


This one is key for atmosphere. There are two schools of thought regarding carnival music. The first says you go old school with songs from the 60’s that used to be featured on such events, or just any old rock’n’roll you like. The other option is to have some fun with music for kids. For instance, TuTiTu has its own great playlist of songs for toddlers, check it out:


At last, the most important part! Here you have to think big – use the open space to your advantage. You can create a giant spinning wheel with sporty challenges (and prizes too!); a special obstacle course; collect empty soft-drink bottles for a round of bowling; and whichever other outdoor games your family loves. If you can get your hands on some ‘real’ carnival beauties like a trampoline or a small pool, that’s even better.

How did you enjoy your carnival, TuTiTu fans?

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