The TuTiTu create area is where offline and online meet. The purpose of this area of the website is to bring the TuTiTu world to life outside the computer. In this area you will find birthday cards, coloring pages and wallpapers. You will not be able to paint online in this area. In order to paint online visit the paint section under the games area of the website.


The games area requires a web browser that supports flash. You will not be able to play on mobile devices that do not support flash.

Game Instructions:

Find – This is a memory game in which the toddlers will need to match two identical cards. As an added value, ask your toddler if they remember the objects on the card from watching the videos. This game is a great way to develop the toddlers’ memory.

Build – The purpose of the game is to place all the different toy parts to their correct position. This helps develop an understanding that the whole is made of different parts.

Puzzle – The toddlers’ need to match the different puzzle parts in order to get the entire picture. This requires cognitive understanding of matching different shapes and vision of a whole.

Paint – Choose a picture from the menu and paint it with different colors. You can save the creation to your computer and print it. This will develop creativity.