Do you love themed family activities, TuTiTu fans?! If so, you’re in luck – today we’ve got a special one for you: plenty of ideas for an afternoon of fun for parents and children (and uncles and aunts and grandparents and… everyone!), using all five senses.

The games take very little preparation and they can make for a really great time spent together. They are built as competitive games, so split into two or more teams of two and don’t forget to keep score. Most importantly: have fun and let us know in the comments how it went!

Sight: Hiding in plain sight

In this game, one team has to hide ten familiar household objects around the house for the other team to find (and vice versa.) The trick is not to simply hide the objects deep but to put them somewhere that’s almost obvious – and yet looked over. Each team gets one point for every item found AND one point for every item the other team couldn’t find. Try to be as creative as you can!


Sound: Follow the voices

Prepare an obstacle course on the floor, made out of toys and other household objects. Make sure they are far apart – you will need to do this in a big room with the furniture put aside, or better yet, outside, if you have a garden or a nearby park. One team member has to be blindfolded and the other has to guide them through the obstacle course. You can’t use words! Only make sounds that your team member has to try and follow. Each team starts out with 20 points and loses one for every obstacle stepped on.

Touch: Opposite day

For this game you’ll need to prepare 20 objects which are opposites – so, something very light and something heavy, something soft and something hard, etc. Of course, every object has more than one characteristic (and you can make the game more and more complex by bringing in complex objects). To play, every team member has to be blindfolded and guess five pairs of objects – and say which characteristic was meant by them. The team gets two points for spotting each pair correctly (try not to match things that are opposite in more than one obvious way.)

Taste: Recognize that one?!

This game is all about quick recognition. Prepare a large set of foods and drinks the family loves – about ten different samples – and take turns feeding them to your blindfolded team member. If you want to make things harder, you can prepare the food/drink samples in states they wouldn’t normally be in (frozen orange juice, for instance.) You get two points for correctly identifying the substance and one point for being close but not quite.

Smell: Remember that time when…

This game combines recognition with a literal version of charades. You need to prepare in advance some materials to smell and put each in a dark box that you can’t see through. The objects have to relate to your family somehow, because the point of the game is for one team member to smell and recognize what’s in the box and then communicate it to the other person without using the thing’s name or other directly descriptive words.

For instance, you can put in one box a bit of sunscreen and then the team member can describe your family outing to the beach. The team gets one point for correct identification but failure to describe the thing; and two points if the non-smelling member guesses correctly.

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