One of the major life events for parents of young children is the first day of school – it’s a new beginning, full of worries and excitement for both sides. It’s also a mark of independence and an important step forward for your child’s personal growth.

Going to school, whether it’s their first day ever or returning after a summer vacation, shouldn’t have to be stressful. If you prepare in advance and know what to expect it can be a ton of fun! Here are some tips on how to make the best out of the school year. TuTiTu wishes all parents and kids a happy September and lots of luck!

Getting back to routine

One of the most important things in going back to school is to be ready to go back to routine. Set tucking in and waking up hours, prepare clothes the evening before, make sure your child has enough time to get ready in the morning AND have a good breakfast before leaving to school. These are important not only because you want to minimize delays but also because a good and steady routine brings about confidence and helps the child make sense of the world around.

Another important routine to get used to again is everything to do with homework and after-school tasks. To help make your kid more independent, give them responsibility over their tasks. Help them by setting the time for homework in the afternoon, but let them be in charge at least a little bit – it’s good for them.

Stay involved

The second crucial element to a successful school year, after the academic one, is the social one. And this refers both to the children and to the adults. As parents you need to be aware of what’s going on in the child’s class; show up in parent-teacher meetings; help set up play-dates and anything else that you feel helps you keep tabs on your young one’s life in school.

The child’s own social development is equally, if not more, important. Help them find their place by suggesting after-school activities they can join, let them go to parties (or even have one at home if they wish), encourage them to make friends and spend time with them. They need to learn to feel comfortable and have fun in school too – not just study.


Keep home at home

And lastly, don’t forget that school is only one part of their lives. Your children still love you and the family and want to spend time together and feel like they have a steady home to go back to after school hours. Spend quality time together over the weekend and in the evening whenever you can. It doesn’t have to be anything special – even just making sure you all eat dinner together, sharing stories from your day and watch videos for kids together.

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