Does your little one love bath time? Some kids really get into it and enjoy the splashing around, the aqua toys and the warm water on their backs, while others can’t stand it and prefer to get it over with quickly. Either way, there’s always room for imaginative improvement…

So especially for you, here are some cool tips on how to make your child’s bath time fun and exciting!

Color, shapes, shine

Make sure your toddler’s bathroom is fun and inviting. You can install a cute shower curtain (even though it would usually be folded aside when they’re in the bath, it’s still a decorative item!), use special bathtub stickers, put in a colorful rubber mat to make sure they don’t slip and of course – toys toys toys! (We’ll get back to that one soon.)

An inviting bathroom spells fun even before the bath begins and it can help get your child excited for their daily cleaning.

Watch fun videos for kids

While we’re on the subject of aquatic vehicles, you can watch TuTiTu’s special about aquatic toys to match the child’s surroundings! It’s fun and light and your toddler is sure to enjoy it.

Pretend play

Being surrounded by water means a host of new, imaginative play ideas! Your kid can pretend to be a brave pirate sailing their majestic ship on the high seas, or a submarine crew member glancing out (and above the tub height) to learn the outside world.

A learning experience

There’s so much to know about sea life! You can use this opportunity to teach your daughter or son about the different animals you can find in the sea, about oceans and what makes them unique, and even reminisce together about the time you went to the beach and what you saw there!

Bathtime is a great time to expend the child’s marine vocabulary with names of animals, aquatic vehicles and so on.

Toys and more toys

There are so many great bath toys these days! You can go for the classics like buying a rubber duck, but there are also endless other options: floating animals, sponge-made shapes you can stick on the bath wall, toys that move by themselves or make noises or… a million other things.

A great toy can make bathtime truly fun (and help you get it done easily without too much hassle.)


Sing along time

Pass the time with cheerful singing of your favorite tunes! You can make a game out of it with you singing the first line and your toddler the next, or just enjoy singing together. Singing in the shower is fun for everyone (it has a scientific explanation and all) so go ahead! We even have a special song for you to use: The Submarine Song!

What other fun stuff does your kids love to do in the shower?

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