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MOONZY (Luntik) – Toyland [HD]

Published on October 28, 2015

Do toys come to life at night? Moonzy is certain they do! But Skip is skeptical. Dottie knows nothing but hopes it is true. So, they decide to get to the bottom of it, but nothing is working out! And no one can stay with Moonzy overnight… Will they ever know…?

Moonzy all episodes in English:
This is the story of a small, fuzzy creature named Moonzy, who was born on the moon and fell to earth. The events happen in the thick grass near the pond and all of the surrounding areas: the stream, the cliff, on paths and flowertops, etc. Many of the characters are small animals, like insects, fish, bees, grasshoppers, ladybugs, butterflies, frogs, and more! Some of these little animals are grown-ups and some are kids. The main characters are kids, including Moonzy. They learn all about the world, relationships and relating to others. Moonzy is new to the Earth, so in every episode he learns something about his new world. He meets new friends, learns how to be polite, and gains a family! The series has a kind, good-hearted vibe, taking on a child’s view of the world. Even the villains (two caterpillars) are just a couple of mischievous kids. The series is structured into 4-5 minute episodes and each episode features a self-contained story. So the series can be watched and enjoyed in any order! At the moment, the series spans 7 seasons and 439 episodes.