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NuNi – Animation for toddlers | Imaginary Ball |Getting lost | Fear of the dog

Published on August 25, 2017

NUNI is an educational 3D animation series designed to help preschool children and their parents develop social-emotional skills relevant to everyday situations and developmental stages.
★★ A great Compilation of NuNi’s episodes: Imaginary Ball, Getting lost and Fear of the dog.

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Production Company: TWIST ANIMATION LTD
Created by: Sarit Ido Schechter, Yossi Dahan, Talmon Gamliel
Head Writer: Motti Aviram
Script Writer: Sarit Goren
Original Music: Daniel Markovich
Directing: Gil Daniel, Terry Freedman
Editing: Yossi Dahan
Art Directing & Story Boarding: Terry Freedman
Modeling: Michal Bental, Nofar Shaked
Technical Directing: Nofar Shaked
Animation Director: Gil Daniel
Layout: Maya Glick
Animation: Maya Glick, Nofar Shaked
Lighting, Shading & Render: Michal Bental
Effects & Post Production: Michal Bental
Sound Effects: Moshe Oshri
Content Managing: Shelley Aviner
Lead Production Puppy: Bobby