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NuNi Opening Theme

Published on June 19, 2016

Nuni, a 3.5 year old toddler who shares her dilemmas and the changes she goes through as she grows up.
The purpose of the series is to shed light and bring to the surface the challenges that toddlers face in these ages.
Some examples to topics Nuni will encounter in the series include potty training, pacifier weaning, sharing toys with friends, jealousy, apologizing and more!
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NUNI is an educational 3D animation series designed to help preschool children and their parents develop social-emotional skills relevant to everyday situations and developmental stages.

The series is aimed at children 2-6 years old, and although it can be fascinating for adults too, it speaks the language of toddlerhood: a language that is colorful, imaginative and humorous, and one that simplifies complex situations.

The series does not claim to be an authority on the one true method to dealing with the difficulties of childhood, nor does it take a pedagogical approach; it merely suggests one possible solution and seeks to raise questions.

Production Company: TWIST ANIMATION LTD
Created by: Sarit Ido Schechter, Yossi Dahan, Talmon Gamliel
Directing: Gil Daniel, Terry Freedman
Editing: Yossi Dahan
Script: Tali Kord, Sarit Ido Schechter, Yossi Dahan, Gil Daniel, Terry Freedman
Art Directing & Story Boarding: Terry Freedman
Modeling: Long Winter Studios, Etay Hertz, Michal Bental, Nofar Shaked
Technical Directing: Etay Herz
Rigging: Nofar Shaked, Etay Herz
Animation Director: Gil Daniel
Animation: Gil Daniel, Maya Glick, Sivan Poran, Yarden Mor, Nofar Shaked
Lighting, Shading & Render: Michal Bental
Effects & Post Production: Michal Bental
Original Music: Daniel Markovich
Sound Effects: Talmon Gamliel
Content Managing: Hilla Bakshi
Lead Production Puppy: Bobby
Special Thanks: Jacky Talpalar, Rotem Nir Nahmias, ‏‎Øyvind Nøstdal‎‏