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TuTiTu Toys and Songs for Children | Helicopter

Published on April 15, 2017

The “TuTiTu Toys and Songs for Children” series combines everyone’s favorite song videos with their matching toys. This way you and your toddler can learn as well as sing along!

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In this episode: TuTiTu builds an Helicopter!
The word “helicopter” derives from the Greek words “helix” (meaning spiral) and “pteron” (meaning wing).
Let’s fly and sing along!! Lyrics included

Production & Animation: Twist Animation Ltd.
Production Designers: Tal Gamliel, Yossi Dahan
TuTiTu’S Theme Song: Lyrics: Sarit Ido Schechter, Music: Sarit Ido Schechter and Tal Gamliel,
Musical Arrangement: Uri Kariv
Vocals: Yael Shoshana Cohen
Sound engineering: Gil Landau

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